Enviromol are experts in Septic Tank Emptying and Biocycle Service. We also clear blocked drains and Install Bio Pro Waste Water Treatment Systems.

Enviromol are experts in

  • Septic tank cleaning; we empty them 24/7
  • Biocycle cleaning; we service all models
  • Blocked drains; we survey, unblock and repair
  • Cesspool emptying & cesspool servicing
  • Percolation area; we design, install and repair
  • Water polishing filters; installed and repaired
  • New septic system design and installation.
  • Assistance with county council planning.


SEPTIC TANK EMPTYING & BIO CYCLE CLEANING: is an essential requirement to ensure your system works correctly. Enviromol have the necessary permits for septic tank cleaning and waste disposal.

SEPTIC TANK REPAIRS & UPGRADES: our friendly staff will do a survey of your existing system, explain any technical issues in plain English and provide a competitive quotation. We work to the highest professional and technical standards and we don’t use subcontractors to carry out upgrades unlike other companies. A qualified site assessor is on site ensuring all works are completed to the highest standard.

BIO CYCLE SERVICING: Enviromol can service every make and model and as we also carry out bio cycle cleaning, we offer unbeatable packages for the two. Why get two men to do a one man job? !!!

CCTV SURVEYS: are a valuable tool in assessing the condition of pipes and drains. If a problem is re-occurring, this survey allows us to determine the cause of the problem and decide on the best method of solving it. These surveys are of immense importance when buying a new property, as Enviromol can ensure the integrity of the system prior to purchase.

NO DIG TECHNOLOGY: In some circumstances, it may not be possible to repair a drain problem by digging as accessibility may be a problem. In these circumstances, Enviromol can offer clients a NO DIG solution, that allows us to solve the problem using trenchless repair technology.

PERCOLATION AREAS: With over 20 years experience installing, repairing and upgrading sewer and drainage systems, Enviromol can offer customers a full design and installation service. We install, repair and upgrade all types of percolation areas, leaching soil and sand polishing filters. Our staff have unrivaled experience in all areas of septic tank and waste water treatment installations and all works are carried out directly by Enviromol. We also offer a full design and installation service for willow and reed beds.

BIO PRO WASTE WATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS: An innovative technology used in over 30 countries, offers customers the opportunity to REDUCE WATER CHARGES by re-using the water for grey water use. Using a patented technology, Bio Pro Waste Water Treatment Systems achieve the highest levels of effluent cleaning in the Irish market, thereby allowing the waste water to be re-used within the home or business. The BioPro Domestic systems are designed for a wide range of capacities from the smallest unit (AT6) suitable for the equivalent of a household of 1-4 persons up to the largest domestic unit (AT50) suitable for the equivalent of up to 50 persons. We can advise home and business owners on its suitability and potential savings. Call Enviromol now at 1-890-678678 for more details.



GREASE TRAP MAINTENANCE: Many homes in Ireland are now deploying grease traps to help keep the sewer line and tank from becoming polluted with fats, oils and grease and other large food particles from the kitchen. If these contaminants are not kept in check, they can cause severe problems to the septic tank. Enviromol provide a full grease trap cleaning and management service which can be preformed independently or in conjunction with the septic service. We recommend that the grease trap be inspected and/or cleaned at least once a year.

ENGINEERING SERVICES: If you are constructing a new septic tank and require assistance with percolation tests, planning and drawings, or wish to upgrade your existing system, Enviromol will provide a complete engineering service including assisting with local authority certification, grant applications or planning requirements.

Call Enviromol at 1 890 678 678 for all your septic tank servicing and grease trap cleaning needs. We carry out all works ourselves, no sub-contractors and we offer the best value available in Limerick, Cork, Kerry and Clare.

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