Maintaining Septic Tanks – EPA Ireland


BioPro Wastewater Treatment System

ENVIROMOL are the authorised agents for Bio Pro (August & Co) Biological Sewage Treatment Plants in Co Limerick.


Rethinking Waste

The following video is provided courtesy of Eco Eye and Duncan Stewart. In this episode, Duncan examines how we can no longer afford to see our waste as something to be disposed of and forgotten. After visiting a recycling centre outside Copenhagen, Duncan returns to Ireland to discover that environmental issues, environmental groups, communities and many companies across the country are rethinking waste and what it means for us and the environment.


Septic Tank Grant Information & Grant Application Forms
According to the Central Statistics Office, on-site domestic waste water treatment systems (such as septic tanks) collect, treat and discharge waste water from almost 500,000 households in Ireland. If you’re looking for a grant for septic tank replacement, we provide information and application forms below. The following PDF files include information on septic tank inspections, financial assistance available for the upgrade or replacement of non-conforming septic systems and a septic tank grant application form.



Septic Tank National Inspection Plan – EPA Ireland


August BioPro Waste Water Treatment System


Septic Tank Grant/Financial Assistance Information


Septic Tank Grant Application Form