ENVIROMOL hold a Multi Region Waste Permit. As our name suggests, we are totally dedicated to providing environmentally friendly solutions in removing and disposing of waste including septic waste, septic sludge, grease/fats and food. All waste types that we remove from a site are approved under the EWC Codes specified in our permit. A uniquely numbered Consignment note accompanies every waste consignment and we issue householders a certificate with each septic tank service. Our in-house Environmental team undertake internal and external environmental reporting and training when required.

We deliver the substantial quantities of waste material that we collect during the day to Irish National Compost Quality Assurance Scheme licensed waste composting facilities. As an environmentally aware company, we recognise and support the transition to more cost effective and environmentally acceptable waste collection and disposal programmes.

The licensed waste composting centres that we supply can treat a wide range of biodegradable wastes utilising highly controlled composting processes. From these processes, a range of products including Class 1 compost can be produced. We deliver septic sludge to dewatering services that utilise fixed and mobile plant to dispose of water treatment sludges. Our aim is to utilise the best range of technologies to find the most cost effective and environmentally sound methods for disposing of biodegradable wastes.

As a homeowner, you can do your bit for the environment too. As septic tanks are standalone sewage units, not connected to the main sewer systems, they require regular maintenance to function properly. Overflowing septic tanks cause damage to the environment, pollute streams or rivers and emit unpleasant odours. A septic tank should be emptied at least once a year to operate properly. Annual cleaning prevents build-up of sludge that can lead to the percolation area blocking up which is dangerous for your immediate environment and your health.

We offer regularly scheduled and competitively priced septic tank emptying which reduces the risk of blocked drains or overflow. Call ENVIROMOL now at 1 890 678 678 for more details.