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Wastewater Services For Engineers, Local Authorities, Environmental Consultants & Industry

ENVIROMOL, have the experience and innovative technologies, to offer local authorities, semi state agencies, environmental consultants and private industry a range of highly competitive services. Drain unblocking, mains sewer repairs, storm water management, sewer connection rehabilitation, wastewater treatment, sludge disposal and more. ENVIROMOL do it all.

BLOCKED DRAINS: If your drains or grease traps are causing you trouble, we offer a full range of services from drain jetting and un-blocking to drain repair and installation. Faulty gullies and drains can result in water seeping into foundations leading to expensive structural damage over time. Unblocking drains is our speciality and we provide a 24hr emergency drain unblocking service at reasonable rates.

CCTV INSPECTIONS & SURVEYS: ENVIROMOL can carry out full CCTV camera inspections and surveys on all problem drains to determine the problem and offer a cost effective solution to prevent the problem re occurring. Our range of CCTV camera drainage survey systems can investigate all types of blocked drains and sewage pipes. We can investigate any suspicious or unusual odours, stormwater damage or other issues associated with pipes and drains. We can check the integrity of your drainage infrastructure and identify the exact nature and location of drain problems.

DRAIN & SEWER CLEANING: ENVIROMOL can provide drain and sewer cleaning services including clearing drain blockages both underground and overground for local government, semi-state and private drainage systems. We also free sinks, blocked toilets, and sewer or septic lines for commercial and residential customers.

FILTER MEDIA REMOVAL & INTERCEPTOR CLEANING: The  team at ENVIROMOL can remove filter media such as activated carbon, resin and sand from any location or site. ENVIROMOL can provide on-site treatment of interceptor waste, including cooking oil, water and sludge. We can provide regular interceptor cleaning and maintenance schedules to reduce the risk of flooding or contamination. On completion, we provide our customers with a waste disposal certificate.

GREASE and SEWAGE TREATMENT FACILITY SERVICES: ENVIROMOL offer a complete range of sewage treatment services covering installation and supply to complete management systems. We can install and supply automatic Grease Dosing Systems at very keen rates and provide grease removal services for lifting stations. We carry an extensive range of drain cleaning and sewer treatment products suitable for municipal facilities to improve performance and improve effluent quality. ENVIROMOL can provide complete on site Sewage Treatment Plant Management.

GULLY CLEANING & POWER-JET WASHING: Using our specialised suction and jetting tankers, we can help local authorities and private industrial sites in removing debris, dirt, leaves, silt and other litter from gullies and drainage areas. We can also power-wash areas where excessive debris has accumulated and ground staining has taken place.

MAINS SEWER STRUCTURAL REHABILITATION: ENVIROMOL will carry out manhole or drainage surveys to determine the condition of structures and equipment. We undertake sewer connections where required and our drainage rehabilitation techniques, will assist in man-hole rehabilitation, basement, tank and bund sealing and bund relining. We will reduce the infiltration of groundwater into the drainage network and help re-establish the integrity and overall improvement of the drainage network. We can inject specialised resins into cracks in manholes and tanks to eliminate water ingress. We can apply special mortars and reline open tank bunds to ensure proper intrinsic seal. ENVIROMOL will correct manhole benching and eliminate leaks in tank bunds and underground culverts or basements. Call ENVIROMOL now at 1890-678678 to get a quote or discuss your requirements.

NO DIG PATCH REPAIRS: Localised patch repairs are a cost efficient means of drainage rehabilitation using a no-dig technique. No dig patch repair is a relatively quick process causing little or no disruption and suitable for industrial sites where digging may not be an option. We can install localised patch repairs on drains of various diameter and lengths.

SLUDGE DISPOSAL: Our sludge management service is cost effective and meets all EPA and regulatory requirements. Sludge management includes land spreading, mapping, soil testing, sludge treatment, sludge storage and environmental report submission. Call ENVIROMOL now at 1890-678678 for more details.

TANK & PUMP STATION CLEANING: ENVIROMOL tank cleaning services can clean out and remove non-hazardous materials from underground and over-ground tanks and other containment devices such as barges, pits, pump stations, sumps, and other waste holding vessels. Our modern vacuum trucks and other specialised equipment can handle both wet and dry materials, including heavy solids, liquids and sludge. Other pump and tank services include tank inspections, tank decontamination and high pressure jetting. Where necessary, we are equipped to place people inside a tank for inspection and cleaning. ENVIROMOL will issue a full risk assessment and obtain confined space permits to work in the tank and complete any tests.

WASTE MANAGEMENT: The ENVIROMOL team are experts in waste management and can treat, remove and dispose of various types of waste including food, grease, septic and sludge. We dispose of the waste through EPA licensed waste operations or EPA licensed organic waste composting where appropriate. We can provide a free quotation for all projects, including routine emptying, cleaning, repair and upgrade of all commercial or institutional food interceptors and grease traps used in food preparation plants, restaurants, hospitals, pubs and more.

WASTEWATER DIGESTER CLEANING: Bring an overloaded waste-water digester back into full operation with ENVIROMOL. Our experienced personnel will quickly and safely remove the organic and inorganic materials that interfere with the operation of the digester. We deliver all wastes generated from the digester cleaning procedures to EPA licensed composting or treatment facility.

WATER TREATMENT INFRASTRUCTURE MAINTENANCE: ENVIROMOL can extract or exchange water treatment media such as sand and activated carbon filters. We can remove scale and residue from tank walls and drains using high pressure water jetting and dispose of the residual waste sludge. We can repair concrete tank structures using specialist repair systems if required.

BIO PRO WASTE WATER TREATMENT UNITS: an innovative technology used in over 30 countries, offers commercial customers the opportunity to REDUCE WATER CHARGES by re-using their waste water for grey water use. Using a patented technology, Bio Pro Waste Water Treatment Systems achieve the highest levels of effluent cleaning in the Irish market, thereby allowing the waste water to be re-used within the home or business. We can advise potential clients on its suitability and benefits on request. Our range caters for up to 200,000 pop.

MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS: We offer full maintenance contracts for all drainage systems and a complete Engineering Facility for all compliance matters relating to design and Installation.

ENGINEERING SERVICES: ENVIROMOL offer customers a full range of engineering services on request. Our engineers are experienced in large scale septage and sewage facility treatment design and management and can offer advise on a range of industrial and municipal waste treatment services.

Please contact Darragh at on 086-252-9074 for help with sizing the right waste treatment plant for your requirements.

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